Canada's Premium Postnatal Services

Your baby is the centre of your world, you are the centre of ours.

We’re on a mission to
revolutionize postpartum care in Canada

Across the globe, the journey into motherhood is embraced with unique traditions and dedicated care that puts the focus on the mother, so that she can be herself for her newborn. From the holistic well-being emphasized in South Korea's 'sanhujori' to the restorative practices of 'sitting the month' in China, and the comprehensive support found in Taiwan and the Netherlands, postpartum care takes on various forms, each deeply rooted in cultural heritage and a commitment to nurturing new mothers.
of Canadian mothers suffer from Postpartum Depression
of births are
delivered by C-section
of new moms
wish they had some guidance
spent buying
new baby products and supplies
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Our approach

Nestled in The Kimpton St. George Hotel in Yorkville, Toronto, Alma Care provides a premium, completely outfitted accommodation for you to focus on recovery, with a 24/7 care team dedicated to you and your baby - removing the mental and physical load for you and your partner.


Experience tranquil rejuvenation while our expertly vetted team, featuring top-tier professionals in newborn and postpartum care, attends to your newborn's every need. Rest assured in our luxurious hotel suite outfitted with premium supplies for both mom and baby, ensuring comfort and peace of mind. Unwind in our Parents Lounge, where you can connect with other families, sip on broths and teas and enjoy nutritious treats that support lactation and recovery.


Embark on your recovery journey with our round-the-clock dedicated care team, comprising seasoned experts committed to your well-being. Indulge in nutritionist-designed meals and holistic snacks specifically crafted to aid post-birth recovery. Explore additional in-room wellness services such as massages, acupuncture, and mental health support.


Empower yourself with daily workshops and access to a comprehensive team including Doulas, Lactation Consultants, PSWs, and Baby Whisperers. Connect with fellow parents in our welcoming Parents Lounge and vibrant online community. Benefit from a wealth of online resources and personalized virtual check-ins with our Care Team post-visit, ensuring ongoing guidance and support


Savour uninterrupted bonding time with your new family in an environment free from cooking, cleaning, or unwanted visitors. Revel in curated essentials from our most trusted brands, designed to enhance your enjoyment and create memorable moments during this special time.
“Truly life-changing. Thank you to the Alma Care team for all the 1:1 support, education and care provided for our little family. Highly recommend!”
Chloe Wilde
The staff was amazing - the caregivers are all extremely qualified and are great communicators. I was nervous at first, but they made it easy to accept their help in looking after baby, including overnight, so I could get some much needed rest and relaxation... They have really thought of everything in terms of supplies for both mom and baby.."
Trish Nixon
"Every parent deserves this type of care postpartum. The care team was knowledgeable and I was able to sleep well knowing my baby was in the very best hands. Thank you for everything!"
Diana McLachlan

Stay with us

Allow us to lighten the mental load of the fourth trimester, so that you can rest, recover, learn and enjoy this time with your new family.

Alma at Home

Experience the benefits of Alma Care, within the comfort of your home. Alma at Home offers our expert services across the GTA.

Our service promise

We promise to provide compassionate and comprehensive postnatal care, tailored to your unique needs and the needs of your newborn.

Expert support

Our team of experienced and caring professionals will offer guidance and support during this transformative phase, ensuring you feel confident and empowered.

Personalized care plans

We understand that every family is different. That's why we'll create a personalized care plan, considering your preferences and requirements, to support your physical and emotional well-being.

Responsive assistance

Whether it's answering your questions, addressing concerns, or providing timely assistance, we pledge to be readily available and responsive to your needs.

Education and resources

We'll equip you with the knowledge and resources necessary to navigate parenthood, offering educational materials and guidance on infant care, breastfeeding, postpartum recovery, and more.

Continual support

Our commitment doesn't end after discharge. We'll stay connected, providing follow-ups to ensure your continued comfort and confidence in your parenting journey.


There are over 5000 postnatal retreats around the world and we're excited to bring the concept to Canada! If you're unfamiliar with how it works, here are some frequently asked questions about the retreat offering.
What is a postnatal care retreat, and who is it for?
Postnatal retreats are for families who are within their first 6 months after giving birth. The mother, infant and partner all benefit from the expert programming.
What services are typically included in a postnatal care retreat?
Alma Care provides luxury accommodations for the new family, allowing them the time to rest, recover, learn and enjoy as a new family. Services include 24/7 care for the mother and baby, nutritious meals and snacks, lactation support and parent workshops as well as many others.
Do I have to come directly from the hospital, after giving birth?
We offer hospital transfers from all hospitals in Toronto, however, you do not need to come directly.
Do you have wheelchairs on site?
Are these retreats suitable for mothers who had C-sections or complications during childbirth?
Yes, absolutely.
What qualifications do the care providers at the retreat have?
Our Care Team has a diverse background ranging from Doula’s to Lactation Consultants and PSWs, all having relevant and up to date training in postpartum and neonatal care.
What post-retreat support or resources are available?
Our Care Team will schedule a virtual check-in approximately 3 weeks after departure. Free online resources are available on our website and ongoing support is available through our Facebook Community.
How can I book or inquire about availability and pricing?
Use this link to book a call with one of our Care Team members, to curate the right retreat for your family.