There are over 5000 postnatal retreats around the world and we're excited to bring the concept to Canada! If you're unfamiliar with how it works, here are some frequently asked questions about the retreat offering.
What is a postnatal care retreat, and who is it for?
Postnatal retreats are for families who are within their first 6 months after giving birth. The mother, infant and partner all benefit from the expert programming.
What services are typically included in a postnatal care retreat?
Alma Care provides luxury accommodations for the new family, allowing them the time to rest, recover, learn and enjoy as a new family. Services include 24/7 care for the mother and baby, nutritious meals and snacks, lactation support and parent workshops as well as many others.
Do I have to come directly from the hospital, after giving birth?
We offer hospital transfers from all hospitals in Toronto, however, you do not need to come directly.
How long after giving birth, can I come?
We encourage you to visit our retreat as early on after giving birth as you’re comfortable with. We accept families up to 4 months postnatal.
Where are you located?
Alma Care is nestled within the Kimpton St George in Yorkville, Toronto (Bloor and St George).
Is parking available?
Yes, parking is available at the Kimpton and all guests will receive a preferred daily parking rate.
Am I allowed visitors?
Yes, if you'd like to, you're welcome to host visitors in our lobby, ground floor restaurant or your suite. However, the parents lounge and nursery are for guests only. Our recommendation, however, is to spend the time at Alma bonding and adjusting with your baby (and to reserve visitors until you're back home).
What is the food like?
The food has been created with Postpartum recovery in mind. Many dishes are inspired by traditional Chinese and Korean confinement meals, but we have taken inspiration from the globe.  We provide delicious and healthful broth, soups, teas and snacks to aid in recovery and milk production. If you don't like Asian inspired food, let us know your preferences and we can make sure your menu is tailored to you!
Will I have the option to have my baby sleep in the nursery if I want to get some extra rest?
Yes, we're here to be your village and support you when you need some down time to rest & recover.
What services are additional?
Care for twins, Spa services, Newborn photography sessions, Postpartum counseling, Shuttle service from the hospital, Dedicated 1:1 care for you and your baby, At home extension services (Coming soon).
Can you accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences?
We can accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences. Please let us know in advance of your stay.
Can you accommodate twins or multiple births?
Yes, we warmly welcome multiples! There is an extra per day fee for multiples - speak to a specialist for more info.
How long should I stay?
We are here to support you for as long as you need. We also offer a traditional confinement package whereby guests can stay with us for 30+ day stays.
Can my partner stay with me?
Of course! Our packages include accommodation for a partner (or support person). Partner’s meals are not included in the package rates but can be added for $100/day.
Can I stay with you before birth?
Yes, we are available to help you prepare for your delivery. This is also a great option for out of town parents.
What workshops do you offer?
Breastfeeding, bottle feeding, first aid, postpartum health, safe sleep, baby milestones, baby admin and more.
Is Alma covered by benefits?
We'd encourage you to speak with your employer benefits provider to confirm what you're covered for in the following areas through Rehabilitation, Nursing and your Health Savings Account (HSA). We will provide an itemized receipt you can submit to your provider at the end of your stay.