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A Personal Stylist’s 3 Tips for Postpartum Style

Maternity clothes have come a long way and today, there are tons of fashion forward options that you can also continue to wear postpartum. One way to make sure your maternity clothes last you beyond your bump is to be mindful when shopping to begin with. I get it! It’s HARD out there, but try your best to find clothes that you actually like and not just because they fit. Let’s dig into this more.

Comfort is Key, But So is Your Personal Style

As a personal stylist, my favourite part of my job is seeing how a woman’s confidence changes when she puts on a great outfit she thought she never would. I work with women during and after their pregnancies and help them remember WHO they were before their little one came along.

My top recommendations are always: invest in quality and remember who you are and what you like.

During pregnancy, your best friends will be leggings, flowy skirts and dresses, loose tops, and stretchy band denim—and that’s okay! However, just because maternity clothes are comfortable and flex better with your changing body than your regular clothes doesn’t mean they’ll suit you postpartum.

For example, if you’re buying flowy skirts in patterns you hate or stretchy band denim in a wash or cut you wouldn’t normally gravitate toward, you’re doing yourself a disservice in the long run since you’re spending money on clothes you probably won’t continue to wear postpartum.

Basics are a good investment as they’ll be able to carry you after your pregnancy and throughout multiple seasons. You’ll be able to create a great base with maternity basics and add layers as needed, as well as accessories that feel more like your personal style. Many maternity styles also feature hidden panels and openings for easy breastfeeding and pumping access, which makes them essentials for postpartum. Once you have these basics, you’ll never feel like you have nothing to wear.

3 Tips for Styling Maternity Clothes Postpartum

Below are some of my top tips for styling maternity wear during the postpartum period:

1. Think capsule wardrobe

My top pieces to have are: a good oversized white tee, romper, a grey crewneck sweater, black elastic waist trousers, a trendy sneaker, a comfy ballet flat, a cargo pant, a trench coat, straight leg jeans, and a white button down.

Believe it or not, with just these eight items you can make a ton of outfits and you’ll be comfy postpartum. Plus, it’s easier to make outfit decisions during the newborn haze when you only have a few options to choose from.

The simplest outfit formula you can have is a white tee, a good pant or jean, and a coat. Then, you can accessorize away and you’ll be put together with minimal effort! If you’re buying a maternity tee, look for ones with hidden panels or buttons that you can open for breastfeeding. An oversized tee from your regular wardrobe could also be lifted up for nursing access. Your maternity trousers will have an elastic waist, but tucking will be your best friend to create some shape in your outfit especially when wearing something like an oversized trench coat.

2. Shop your favorite brands

One way to ensure you’ll love your maternity wear throughout your pregnancy and beyond is to purchase a few staples from your favorite brands you wore pre-baby. Why? You’ll already know what the quality is like so you know you’ll be able to wear the items long term.

And if you opt to purchase regular clothes instead of dedicated maternity wear, a few styles that can work with your changing body include button down tops, rompers, trousers in a crepe material with an elastic waist, and cargo pants that also have stretch.

3. Elevate your maternity basics

The easiest outfit formula you can have is a comfortable basic tee, a good trouser or jean, and a coat. Once you have your maternity basics together, then you can accessorize with whatever makes you feel best—and this is where you can have fun!

Think to yourself: What’s my personal style? What do I want to tell the world through my clothing? Once you’ve chosen your clothes, pop on your favourite red bag and the necklace you got when you traveled to Europe years ago, for example. Accessories are truly where your outfit can shine and they are the best way to take your outfit up a notch!

Express Yourself—and Your New Role

At the end of the day, great postpartum style is about celebrating your transition to motherhood, while prioritizing your comfort and the practicalities of life with a newborn. Some days will be for dressing as you did pre-baby, and some days are for just getting by with whatever is clean(ish)!

Finding your postpartum style is about embracing the evolution of your identity and giving yourself grace as you learn what clothes will make you feel your best. Because that’s what postpartum fashion should be—a joyful expression of your unique and incredible journey.

June 7, 2024
4 min read
Amanda Telesca
Lead Wardrobe Stylist at Charly Goss Style Inc.
Amanda Telesca is the Lead Wardrobe Stylist at Charly Goss Style Inc. Charly Goss is a styling firm focused on elevating women's confidence, style, and joy. Amanda has worked at CGSI for almost two years and her favourite part of her job is working with clients and seeing their confidence instantly change through putting on a great outfit. She and the Charly Goss team work with the everyday woman who is looking to find her personal style again and get into clothes that make her feel most like her! Style is hard, Charly Goss can help.