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Pregnancy and Postpartum Workouts with Jenni Diamond

Jenni Diamond @jennidiamondhealth

Your speciality is in new & expecting moms. Tell me about your journey to creating your business.

Nearly ten years ago, I started to pursue a career in personal training while also studying as an occupational therapist. Working closely with pregnant and postpartum clients, it became evident that these clients required specialized attention and care in their exercise routines due to the unique changes that occur in pregnancy and the postpartum period.

I dedicated myself to continuous research to create the best exercise programming for these clients, resulting in the substantial growth of my business. However, my schedule and time limited me to seeing a maximum of 25 clients per week. I knew I wanted to help more pregnant and postpartum women improve their health through exercise, and I envisioned a way to extend my impact beyond the constraints of one-on-one sessions. Thus, Jenni Diamond Health was born—an online platform to help new and expecting moms exercise safely.

What’s one thing people don’t know about you?

In addition to my perinatal training business, I also work as an Occupational Therapist in concussion rehabilitation! I have my own private practice and help individuals recovering from concussion and persistent concussion symptoms to manage symptoms and return to their daily activities.

What are your top recovery tips for postpartum?

This might surprise you, but… exercise!!! Exercise has some really powerful physical and mental health benefits.

A targeted can help decrease back pain, improve the function of your core and pelvic floor muscles, increase energy levels, and improve cardiovascular fitness, which is particularly important for moms navigating the demands of motherhood. Moreover, exercise is a natural mood booster. It can decrease feelings of stress and anxiety and foster a sense of accomplishment and empowerment. It provides a valuable opportunity for self-care, allowing moms to carve out time for themselves amid the demands of motherhood.

What are your favourite postpartum exercises?

I always recommend a pelvic floor connection breath as a foundational postpartum exercise. Mastering this exercise will do wonders as you continue to build strength and progress to more challenging movements! Aside from this, I’m a sucker for clamshells. They help to improve hip stability and strength, prevent injury in other areas of your body, and make all your other exercises so much better and stronger. I also love the burn after a good glute clamshells series!

What’s one ingredient you put in everything?

Olive oil! I cook it with my eggs and put it in salads for lunch almost every day, and I’m often grabbing it for veggies and protein with dinner. However, one ingredient that I WISH I could put in everything is chocolate. I’m a major chocolate lover and am often snacking on dark chocolate throughout the work day!

What are three things you can’t live without?

My family and friends (cheesy, but incredibly true), a comfortable pillow (the OT in me, making sure my neck is well-supported!), and music.

What are you most excited about in your life right now?

I’m super excited to ring in 2024. I have some big goals for my business, and I can’t wait to help thousands of more moms feel strong, confident and energized through my exercise programs!

Your affirmation for today?

You’re exactly where you need to be.

December 5, 2023
2 min read
Jenni Diamond
Occupational Therapist & Pre/Postnatal Trainer
Jenni is an Occupational Therapist and Pre/Postnatal Trainer. She is the founder of Jenni Diamond Health, an online platform that provides evidence-based exercise programs for new and expecting moms and birthing individuals. Jenni’s programs help moms and birthing individuals exercise safely during pregnancy and gain strength, confidence, and energy postpartum.