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Adrienne's Doula Odyssey: Transforming Birth Experiences

We love Doulas (obviously!) Tell me how you ended up in this field.

I came to doula work through teaching prenatal yoga. People would come to my class to relieve the aches and pains of pregnancy. Then they’d have their babies and I’d never see them again! I started to wonder about their births and how I could provide tools for birth preparation. I enrolled in a training and fell in love. The first birth I attended as a doula was for someone from this class, and her son is now 11yrs old!

What’s one thing people don’t know about you.

I took classical voice lessons off and on for a few years. Sometimes I sing opera arias quietly to people’s babies haha!

Tell us about your family. How was your postpartum journey?

I’m a mom to a 10yr old daughter. My postpartum journey was rough in every way. I had challenges with breastfeeding, my physical recovery and mental health. Having my daughter was a big eye opener. I really experienced first-hand how much support, care, and nurturing we need during that time.

What are your top recovery tips for postpartum?

Take time to plan, prepare and learn about the postpartum period several months in advance of your due date. And if you have a partner, have a conversation about your roles and parenting expectations. This will have a huge impact on your postpartum transition.

What are your favourite snacks for postpartum?

Things you can eat with one hand. And anything involving chocolate!

What’s one ingredient you put in everything?

For sweet things, definitely chocolate!

What are three things you can’t live without (the postpartum version)?

What’s needed for postpartum recovery can be very individual. Overall, I’d say good nourishing meals and snacks, ample time for rest and healing, and adequate support. Someone experienced who can help you postpartum and is also a baby whisperer.

What are you most excited about in your life right now?

I’m a proud mom so I’m going to talk about my daughter! I’m amazed by her confidence and all of the ways she creatively expresses herself. Helping your child explore who they are and what they love is one of the exciting parts about being a parent.

Your affirmation for today?

I can work from home and unsee all the dust balls and mess in the process!

September 14, 2023
Adrienne Wetherell
Birth & Postpartum Doula
Adrienne is a birth & postpartum doula, yoga teacher, and proud mama. She attended her very first birth in 2012 and was immediately hooked! Since then, she has had the privilege of attending over 200 births and supporting close to 300 families postpartum. Adrienne offers caring, compassionate, non-judgmental support to expectant parents and is honoured to work with families during such a life-changing time. As an experienced doula, she supports clients who are low or high-risk, who have had fertility challenges, previous traumatic births or pregnancy loss, anxiety, depression and trauma. Adrienne gave birth to her breech baby in September 2013 and has since been journeying through the joys and challenges of motherhood.